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2016 Web Design Trends

Here are some of the design trends for web design and development we have seen in 2015 and will continue to be strong design elements in 2016:

  • Flat design without heavy gradients
  • Clean yet colourul with greens, earth tones, bright but desaturated colors
  • Slick, simple UI
  • UI can be the content too, not everything has to be in a box or button
  • Breathing room for content with empty space
  • Links can have dotted underline for tooltips etc
  • Check marks and feedback animates using SVG
  • Sites will have to responsive and use a secure domain
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Photographer Logo Design & Web Design

Creating a clean and sexy logo design for this Vancouver photographer was a pleasant task. Once the logo was compeleted, Neos Media designed and developed site mockups matching the new look and feel. The website has an interactive image gallery with a back-end where the artists can publish photos.

Features: Interactive gallery and social media technology.

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Martial Arts Web Design

A place where the kids and parents from Kikai Karate can go to see updated scheduling, photos class materials and more. This is a basic website for a local martial arts for special needs class. Neos Media also did the logo design as seen on the site.

Features: Interactive photo gallery. Blog design.

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Realtor WordPress Website

We are pleased to work on this web design and development for a Vancouver Island Realtor. Check out this customizable real estate website that the client can add his own images, video, text and prices:

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