North Van Web Design and Development | My Services
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My Services

[container customclass=”add-top” fx=”flipInX”][row customclass=””][column span=”12″ customclass=”align-center”][page_heading customclass=””]My Services[/page_heading][/column][/row]
[row customclass=””][column span=”12″ customclass=”align-center”][promo_text customclass=”white-txt”]As a web specialist I offer services ranging from creative to technical, user centric to the business requirements. The web is a wild and ever changing place, let a professional like me design and build your website. [/promo_text][/column][/row][/container][services id=”service1″ customclass=”” ][service_item id=”service-01″ item_no=”1″ span=”3″ customclass=”” fx=”slideInLeft” heading=”Digital Experience” sub_heading=”Web Development” icon_url=””] It is important to have a memorable, easy to use website for your business or personal site. I can help you achieve your goals online with a creative web or app design that has great user experience and functionality. Does your website suck? Contact me to learn more. [/service_item][service_item id=”service-02″ item_no=”2″ span=”3″ customclass=”” fx=”slideInLeft” heading=”Graphics & Identity” sub_heading=”Logo Design / Info Graphics” icon_url=””] Along with offering web design, I offer graphic design, branding and identity. Using the latest design trends, fonts and colours I’ll come up with aesthetically pleasing graphical treatment. Get a Free quote today.[/service_item][service_item id=”service-03″ item_no=”3″ span=”3″ customclass=”” fx=”slideInRight” heading=”Responsive Web” sub_heading=”Mobile First” icon_url=””] Once your site has a great look and feel, next it needs content to work on all devices. In today’s Internet, half of users are on mobile devices or tablets. I customize the user experience to work well on all devices, learn how. [/service_item][service_item id=”service-04″ item_no=”4″ span=”3″ customclass=”” fx=”slideInRight” heading=”Motion Graphics & Video” sub_heading=”HTML5 Video” icon_url=””] I have worked with Adobe products extensively for over 15 years. Flash used to be the go to program for animation, motion graphics and video. Now video can be edited in a variety of programs including After Effects and embedded into any website or app with HTML5 video tags including backgrounds. [/service_item][/services]